Publications and Talks

Below are given details of our publications using data from the Rosse Solar-Terrestrial Observatory (RSTO). The RSTO e-Callisto station was featured i
Nature News.


  • Callisto spectrum measurements at Birr Castle, Ireland. 

  • Peter T. Gallagher, Christian Monstein, Joseph McCauley, G. Hallinan

  • Observations of Low Frequency Solar Radio Bursts from the Rosse Solar-Terrestrial Observatory. 

  • Pietro ZuccaEoin P. CarleyJoseph McCauleyChristian Monstein, James R. T. McAteer, Peter T. Gallagher, Solar Physics, (2012).
  • Quasiperiodic acceleration of electrons by a plasmoid-driven shock in the solar atmosphere.

    Eoin P. CarleyDavid M. LongJason P. ByrnePietro ZuccaD. Shaun BloomfieldJoseph McCauley, Peter T. Gallagher, Nature Physics, (2013).

  • The formation heights of coronal shocks from 2D density and Alfvén speed maps
  • Pietro Zucca, Eoin P. Carley, D. Shaun Bloomfield, Peter T. Gallagher, Astronomy & Astrophysics, (2014).

  • Understanding Coronal Mass Ejections and Associated Shocks in the Solar Corona by Merging Multiwavelength Observations
  • Pietro Zucca, Monique Pick, Pascal Démoulin, Kerdraon Alain, Lecacheux Alain, Peter T. Gallagher, Astrophysical Journal, (2014).

    Announcing a new RHESSI nugget

  • Ionospheric Effects, Flare History, and Dick Donnelly
    by Hugh Hudson and Peter Gallagher

  • Announcing a new UKSP nugget

  • Tracking CME effects from ''the Sun to the mud'' 
    by Peter Gallagher, Pietro Zucca, Eoin Carley and Joe McCauley, Astrophysics Research Group at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland


  • Observations of Low Frequency Solar Radio Bursts from the Rosse Solar-Terrestrial Observatory
    Pietro Zucca
    NAM National Astronomy Meeting March 2012

  • Type II Radio Bursts & Band Splitting: Finding Alfven Velocity in the Corona.
    Eoin Carley
    RIA Transient Universe Dublin September 2010

  • CALLISTO:Exploring metre-wavelength emission from the active Sun.
    Pietro Zucca
    Senior Sophister final project Dublin May 2009 


  • Space Weather Monitoring; Benefits and Needs of the e ‐ Callisto Network.
  • Pietro Zucca
    ESWW10 European space Weather Week, Antwerp November 2013

  • Quasiperiodic acceleration of electrons from a plasmoid-driven shock in the solar atmosphere.
    Eoin Carley
    RAS Royal Astronomical Society,  London October 2013

  • The  formation  heights  of  CME-­driven  shocks   using  empirical  Alfvén  maps  of  the  solar  corona.
    Pietro Zucca
  • CESRA Solar radio meeting, Prague 2013

  • Cesra Summer School 2010, e-CALLISTO at Birr Castle.
    Pietro Zucca
    CESRA Summer School Nancay September 2010

  • Callisto: Looking at the radio signature of CMEs and shocks .
    Eoin Carley
    Arg Retreat Dunsink Observatory Dublin May 2010

  • Final Report Master Degree in Astrophysics 2009.
    Pietro Zucca
    Bologna University December 2009 

    NOTE: A complete list of publications can be downloaded from the 
    Astrophysics Data System.