Rosse Observatory, Birr Castle

Welcome to the Rosse Observatory, operated by Trinity College Dublin and the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies.  The observatory is dedicated to studying radio emission from astronomical objects such as the Sun, pulsars other variable sources.  It  is located in the radio quiet environment of  Birr Castle Demesne, Co. Offaly, Ireland (53° 05' 38.9'' N, 7° 55' 12.7'' W).

We host the an international LOFAR radio telescope on behalf of the Irish LOFAR Consortium and operate a number of instruments at the observatory, including e-Callisto solar radio burst monitors developed by ETH Zurich, a Sudden Ionospheric Monitor developed by Stanford University, and and geomagnetic instruments provided by the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies (DIAS).

Please visit the Rosse Observatory data archives to download FITS data files or quicklook PNGs, and to view hourly-updated dynamic spectra. More information on solar activity is available at