Rosse Observatory, Birr Castle

The Rosse Observatory is Trinity College Dublin's radio observatory. It is located within the grounds of Birr Castle Demesne, in Co Offaly, Ireland (53° 05' 38.9'' N, 7° 55' 12.7'' W).  There are several telescopes at the Observatory, the largest being the Irish LOFAR station (aka I-LOFAR), which is part of the pan-European LOFAR array whose core is in the Netherlands. On site, there are also e-Callisto solar radio burst monitors, a Sudden Ionospheric Monitor, as well as geomagnetic instruments.

The telescopes at the observatory are dedicated to studying the radio emission from astronomical objects such as pulsars, flare stars, the solar system planets, the sun and more besides; I-LOFAR also performs SETI research in collaboration with the Breakthrough Listen project.